The Best Summer Job In The World

Take it to the next level and spend a summer working at The Yacht Week. Meet friends from all over the world and be part of a truly international team.

Cook for a crew of 10 on a yacht in Croatia, Greece or Montenegro, while being a part of The Yacht Week flotilla of up to 100 yachts per week. Make lasting friendships with people from all over the world and GET PAID to do it. Whether you are looking to work for a couple of weeks or the entire summer, Quarterdeck wants you!

As a host for QD you are working together with a skipper on yachts with 6-10 guests onboard. You two are tasked with making the week exceptional for your guests.

The host cooks breakfast and lunch each day on the yacht. On a normal week you spend two nights anchored in a bay under the stars and then you cook dinner. All other nights you and the skipper join the crew out for dinner at a restaurant.

On top of cooking, you are a happy person bringing great vibes and showing your guests how to yachtlife. Be it the best bay for swimming or have drinks ready at sunset. See yourself as their new best friend that made their holiday the best they ever had!

Host Requirements:

1 year experience in Service Industry
Comfortable and creative in the kitchen

Is this you? All you need to do now is apply to our Academy!

About Quarterdeck

Quarterdeck.co is the recruitment agency for skippers and hosts worldwide. We provide our own Academy that polishes your current skills in order to work with our exclusive partner The Yacht Week or any of our private charter partners in destinations such as Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, British Virgin Islands and many more.

Our Academy applications are now open, we offer 5 different weeks for you to choose from in Spring of 2020. E-mail info@quarterdeck.co for any queries.