Would you like to be a guest blogger on Holiday Staff? Have you got some great advice for our job seekers, or some informative news or experience you’d like to share with our advertisers? If so, we’d love you to write for us!

Blog Post Guidelines

Content should be a match for our audience, either job-seekers or business advertisers, and should be original – nothing that has been reproduced elsewhere please.

Career advice experts:

For our job-seekers, how about advice on seasonal working, interview tips, covering letters advice, how to create the perfect CV, which seasonal job could lead on to a full-time career – all these would be beneficial to our job seekers. Or what employers look for in seasonal workers, or the benefits of
undertaking seasonal jobs. Or how about the benefits of taking on seasonal staff, for our advertisers.

I am happy to receive submission ideas – after all, you are an expert in your field!

Seasonal job memories:

Have you got, or did you ever have, a seasonal job that you love? Ski season, beach cafe work, ice-cream scooping, summer camp leaders, or bar work? Or a more unusual post?

We are looking for people who have had a seasonal job, past or present, and who are willing to appear in either a short video clip or written content to encourage others to take up seasonal work.

Did it take you to new places, what did you gain from it (yes, you can mention great tips or free meals!) or did it lead to a permanent position or a
new-found career?

Please don’t mention the name of the business – be very general (a beach cafe, a holiday cottage company etc) but you can say where it is
(Devon, or Salcombe for example).

It is purely so our visitors can see what they can achieve by applying for one of our jobs.

Maximum word count is 3,000.

Please feel free to submit pictures if relevant. Pictures must have the correct attribution if needed.

Please be positive and polite when you write for us!

Blog posts will be shared to all our subscribers via e-newsletters, as well as across our social media channels and website.

I will happily credit your name and business (if relevant) in an author bio, with a link to your website or professional social media account such as Linkedin, plus an author picture.

A link from your website or social media back to Holiday Staff would be great!

How to Submit Your Post

Please email your submission as a Word Doc to us here at Holiday Staff.

Please include a short author bio, author picture, plus any links to your own website or professional social media account.

Many thanks – I look forward to sharing your knowledge and experiences with our readers!

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