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‘we’ means Holiday Staff, and ‘our’ shall be construed accordingly. ‘you’ and ‘customer’ means the person, persons, organisation or company browsing and/or using the website, and/or purchasing services from Holiday Staff and ‘your’ shall be construed accordingly.

External links

Holiday Staff contains links to third-party websites. Holiday Staff does not endorse the contents on such third-party websites, and Holiday Staff is not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites. The Customer accesses linked third-party websites at their own risk.

Availability of the service

We try to ensure continuous availability of the site and all the services available on it but accept no responsibility for the consequences of interruptions or delays, however caused. We may, additionally, alter the design and specification of the site at any time.

Governing law

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and all disputes shall be decided by the English courts.

For jobseekers

Job advertisements

Job advertisements contained on the site are provided by prospective employers and their agents. We accept no responsibility or liability for the contents of advertisements and expect candidates to carry out the relevant checks to ensure the vacancy and company/organisation are legitimate. We do not accept any liability arising from any inaccuracy or omission in any of the information on our website. Replies to candidates’ job applications come direct from the employers/advertisers, therefore we accept no liability for the content of the replies, or unanswered applications.

For recruiters

Commencement of Services

We will not commence the provision of services until the correct registration procedure has been completed by the customer and full payment is received and cleared.


Prices are as specified on and are guaranteed for the period stated on the order form. Any discounts agreed are confidential and may not be disclosed by the customer.

A job posted on will remain live for 28 days. Any extension of this time will be charged to the customer as a new posting. If a customer deletes a job and then either reposts it or posts another, this will be classed as two jobs.

If any services to be used within any time period specified during the registration process are not used within that period of time, they may not be carried over into any subsequent period. The customer will be responsible for payment for any unused services.

Use of customer’s name, trademarks and logos

Customer agrees that Holiday Staff may use the customer’s name, trademarks and logos for the purposes of providing the services.

Additionally the customer understands that Holiday Staff may mention the customer and use the customer’s name, trademarks and logos as a reference customer in Holiday Staff’s marketing materials (such as websites, social media and brochures), in relation to the services provided.

Site rules

We have rules regarding the content and format of jobs posted on You agree that we may, at our discretion and without liability to you, remove from any advertisement which is posted in breach of these rules. The rules may change from time to time and you are advised to refer to them regularly.

The Rules are:

  1. Do not use for any unlawful purpose or any illegal activity, or post or submit any content or job posting that is defamatory, libelous, implicitly or explicitly offensive, vulgar, obscene, threatening, abusive, hateful, racist, discriminatory, of a menacing character or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience, embarrassment, anxiety or could cause harassment to any person or include any links to pornographic, indecent or sexually explicit material of any kind
  2. Job advertisements placed on must be for genuine vacancies only, and not for other products or services, either relating to or unrelated to recruitment including, but not limited to, affiliate schemes, pyramid selling schemes or any other so-called ‘business opportunity’.
  3. URLs or email links (live or text only) must not appear in the body copy of the job description page. Email links are permitted from the ‘apply online’ link.
  1. You must not place more than one job or job description in one advertisement, more than one location in one advertisement, or more than one job category in one advertisement.
  2. You must not post inaccurate, false, or misleading information.
  3. You must not post jobs that include any screening requirement or criterion in connection with a job posting where such requirement or criterion is not an actual and legal requirement of the posted job.
  4. You must not post jobs or other advertisements for competitors of or post jobs or other content that contains links to any site competitive with
  5. You must not post any business opportunity that requires an up front or periodic payment or requires recruitment of other members, sub-distributors or sub-agents.
  6. You must not post any business opportunity that pays commission only unless the posting clearly states that the available job pays commission only and clearly describes the product or service that the job seeker would be selling.
  7. You must not advertise sexual services or seek employees for jobs of a sexual nature.
  8. You must not request the use of human body parts or the donation of human parts, including, without limitation, reproductive services such as egg donation and surrogacy.
  9. You must not endorse a particular political party, political agenda, political position or issue.
  10. You must not promote a particular religion.
  11. You must not place advertisements which appear to discriminate on grounds of sex, race, political interest or disability.
  12. You are solely responsible for the content of material supplied by you and for ensuring that you have the right to supply it to us. You are also responsible for ensuring that all information, data and files are free of viruses or other routines or engines that may damage or interfere with any system or data prior to being submitted to the website.
  13. No duplicating of jobs at the expense of other clients’ jobs.
  14. You must not delete or alter any material posted by any other person or entity.
  15. You must not harass, incite harassment or advocate harassment of any group, company, or individual.

Responses to advertisements

You agree to deal fairly and professionally with individuals who may respond to an advertisement you have posted and not do anything which may bring into disrepute. You will indemnify us from and against any claim brought by an individual against arising from your breach of this obligation or any other of these terms and conditions.

We do not guarantee any response to your advertisement or that responses will be from individuals suitable for the job advertised. It is your responsibility to carry out such checks and procedures as are necessary to ensure that candidates are suitable for the job advertised and have the required qualifications and experience.

Security and passwords

In order to register with the website and to sign in when you visit the website, you will need to use a user name and password. You are solely responsible for the security and proper use of your password, which should be kept confidential at all times and not disclosed to any other person. You shall be responsible for all uses of your registrations and passwords, whether or not authorised by you. We accept no liability for any unauthorised or improper use or disclosure of any password. You must notify us immediately if you believe that your password is known to someone else or if it may be used in an unauthorised way.


We accept no liability for any loss (whether direct or indirect, for loss of business, revenue or profits, wasted expenditure, corruption or destruction of data or for any other indirect or consequential loss whatsoever) arising from your use of the website.