What makes a business unique, newsworthy or an interesting prospect, apart from the service it provides, is its back story, its future vision and the dedicated people at the helm.

Like a lot of business owners, the idea for my company came about through personal experience. My family runs a tourism business in the South West of England, and I have seen them struggling to recruit seasonal staff every year. Their business is very rural and off the beaten track – no buses, planes or trains for miles. They had the benefit of being able to offer live-in accommodation, but advertising for that wonderful, smiley, helpful and committed person who wanted to spend their summer in bucolic idyll was no easy task.

And their business was far from the only one with the same problem – if so many local companies were struggling to find seasonal workers, how big was the problem nationwide?

For so long, recruiting seasonal staff has simply been to advertise on a postcard in a local shop window, and hope that the right person sees it, or take out a fairly pricey advert in a local newspaper, which lasts for only seven days (if you’re lucky), before it becomes fish and chip paper!

back story

Sadly, local press is dwindling (I was a chief sub-editor in publishing for many years, so have first-hand experience of newspapers and their finances) and everything is moving online, so I felt the process of finding seasonal staff and temporary holiday jobs had to follow.

It is really important for people to take on seasonal work – for some, it’s a rite of passage, a little taste of what the world of work is like. I believe strongly that taking on any job gives a sense of self-worth and confidence. It shouldn’t be a struggle for youngsters to find their first summer job (or Easter, winter or ski – we cover every season!), and it shouldn’t be a case of ‘who you know’ or, as is often the case, ‘who your parents know’!

I have done the seasonal jobs myself (read my account here), and now I want to be able to offer others those same opportunities, both across the UK and internationally.

So, after a lot of research, thought, questions and yet more research, Holiday Staff was launched, in a bid to make sourcing seasonal staff easier, both for my family and the wider world! Seasonal work is our speciality and our niche, and job seekers are driven to our site by their need for seasonal work – they are not looking for permanent positions, so they know to visit a specialist site that concentrates purely on seasonal and temporary work.

Whether it’s a large company looking for 200 seasonal workers, or a small family-run tourism business looking for one dedicated person, we offer the same commitment to each individual vacancy, and will promote each job equally.

back story

We have been told our business is not ‘just a job board’, but almost a cross between an advertising platform and a recruitment agency. This is because we don’t just place the job advert and let it sit there – we shout about each individual vacancy published as if it were our own, and we highlight specific jobs to targeted audiences, depending on qualifications, experience or geographical location. Basically, we are sourcing relevant and suitable candidates depending on your requirements as an employer.

So if you have enjoyed hearing the back story behind the business, please follow our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin), ask anyone you know to place their seasonal job advert with us, and apply for any vacancies you like the look of!

And, you never know, you could be working with my family at some point!