CV hints and tips

CV hints and tips – sell yourself

CV. Chocolate Veg? Chunky Vitamins? Coffee Vital?

As you know, it’s actually Curriculum Vitae, and it’s basically your personal sales document.

It shows your qualifications, job history, interests and relevant experience.

Follow our CV hints and tips and see it as your chance to shout about yourself and your knowledge, and to shine!

Highlight your best bits!

We know you know this, but you must include your contact details. Name, address, email address and phone number should cover it.

Next is the profile or personal statement. This is a paragraph explaining your best bits! Your skills and achievements, your aims and what makes you stand out from the rest.

Then list your education, most recent first. Where you studied and what qualifications you achieved.

Now it’s work experience, if you have any. Again, most recent first, saying where you worked, the dates and, in a sentence, explain your roles and duties.

Skills! Can you speak fluent French, know Excel inside out, strip a car engine and put it back together in one hour, or play the bagpipes?! Then put it down – you never know when it may be relevant!

What fires you up? What interests do you have? Here it’s best to be a bit more specific, rather than just ‘seeing mates’! If you devour every thriller novel ever written, or have a passion for creating artisan chocolates, be proud and talk about it.

You did what?!

If you are applying for your first seasonal job, chances are that you will not have a lot of job history to show. No worries. No-one expects you to be listing ‘Area Manager’, ‘Project Lead’ or ‘Chief Sub-Editor’ in your work history section.

If you helped your grandparents in their B&B last summer, and got paid in cream teas, say so. If you do a weekly car wash every Sunday for your neighbours, in return for a little cash, tell them.

CV hints and tips

Don’t forget that a lot of your past experiences will count and be of interest to future employers, even if they weren’t paid positions or actual employment.

Are you an Insta hit?!

If you are your sibling’s photographer of choice for their Instagram shots, shout about it (especially if the comments are all about the amazing shots and stunning pictures!). If you edited your college’s newspaper, you could be the next media mogul hot shot. If you took part in the ‘Round the Island’ swim of 4km, don’t let that information sink without trace!

Employers love volunteers! If you donated your time at the local animal sanctuary or helped out at a beach clean, then that is like catnip to a recruiter.

Anything that shows you are determined and not shy of work will help.

If you take anything away from our CV hints and tips, the golden rule about CV writing is to be truthful! There is absolutely no point in trying to fabricate a glittering history or sparkling talent – you will be found out!

We’ve just covered the basics here – for more detailed instructions, please read the National Careers Service advice.

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