niche job board attracts target audience

Why Holiday Staff is a niche job board

Niche = ‘A specialised segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service’ (noun) or ‘Denoting products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialised section of the population’ (adjective).

Now that the official lesson for the day is over, we want to shout about the fact that Holiday Staff is a niche job board.

We are not aiming to advertise every job in every city in every country, from nurses and nail technicians, to teachers and taxidermists. We don’t want to offer a ‘one size fits all’ service as we don’t think it does.

The snags about where to put your snags

niche job board attracts target audience

Using a generic job board is like trying to sell your specialist vegan sausages on the general meat and sausages counter in a shop.

Some people will not be wanting vegan sausages, so will instantly overlook your products. Some people will be wanting vegan snags, but will probably not even think of looking at the meat counter.

But, if your bangers are displayed on the specialist vegan counter, then everyone knows where they stand, and your target market is driven to your products by their specific requirements.

A bit of a random example, but do you see what we mean?

It’s the same with jobs, seasonal vs permanent, and niche vs generic.

Ready-made target audience

We’ve always been about the specialist seasonal market, which is a vital aspect of many businesses, but no less important.

The decision was based on how best we can help the businesses which need the staff, as well as providing the best job search facility for our job seekers.

Our job seekers do not have to trawl through hundreds of jobs that are simply not relevant to their stage of life, and are driven to Holiday Staff by their need for temporary and seasonal work, as they recognise our brand as being a niche job board.

That in turn means that we have a ready-made perfect target audience for our advertisers, who know our web visitors and followers are focused solely on seasonal work, and showcasing their temporary jobs instantly gets them in front of the right potential applicants.

We have job seekers genuinely interested in seasonal work, which gives your advertised seasonal job a real fighting chance of receiving the right applications from the right candidates.

To get your vacancies in front of the right people for your business, simply click on the button below to upload your details in seconds, and start hiring that talent!

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