seasonal job choices

Play the field with your seasonal job choices

So it’s time to find temporary work and make some seasonal job choices. You’ve either decided it’s time to gain some experience and earn some money or, occasionally, you’ve been told that is what you should do at your age!

Hopefully it’s the first scenario and you’ve chosen to take on a seasonal job, be it a local summer job, working through the busy Christmas period, or heading off to a live-in gig somewhere either hot or snowy!

Your future, your choice

So which job to go for?

Are you looking for that first job that will lead into your chosen career, or are you simply wanting a job that will give you a wide range of experience that you can put on your CV?

For some of you, it’s an easy decision. You’ve always known you want to work in the tourism industry, and you are willing to take on any job in a hotel or resort, to realise your goal of working your way up to top management.

If that’s the case, good on you, and we admire your drive and determination.

For many of you, however, it will be more of an open and flexible decision. You’re not sure what your future holds yet or where your passion lies, and that’s just fine too.

seasonal job choices

This means that you’re probably open to all possibilities, and your job search options will be wide. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity, where you can have a taster session of a career before you commit.

Even if you don’t know which career path you are taking, think about your interests. Do you like walking or being outdoors? Then search for sports instructors, activity leader or manual labour roles. Perhaps a chalet host role would suit you (read our guest blog advice on doing a ski season).

Are you in your comfort zone when talking to, and interacting with, people? Then you would be suited to customer-facing jobs and dealing with the general public, such as barista, reception or retail work.

If you’re looking for a summer job either before or during university, is there a suitable job related to your course? This would give you serious brownie points with a future employer, whilst potentially boosting your knowledge of your chosen subject at the same time!

You can be a commitment-phobe!

Bear in mind that any job will give you life skills and experience that are transferrable and will look good on your CV, so you don’t have to worry about your seasonal job choices or getting the ‘wrong’ job.

You are not committing to a career choice now that will affect you for the rest of your life. This is your opportunity to play the field!

So go into your job search with an open mind and take your pick from all the options open to you.

We’d love to hear your stories about your seasonal job choices you made. Get in touch with us with your tales and you could feature on our blog!

For more advice on summer jobs, visit the Prospects website.

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