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Could you be the chalet host with the most?

Our guest blogger Cookie is a regular on the seasonnaire scene. He hits the snow-capped slopes in the winter, then heads to the Med in the summer. I know what you’re thinking – nice life if you can get it!

But you can! Glean all the information and advice you need from Cookie’s blog posts for us, and you could be living that lifestyle too!

Here he talks honestly about the life of a chalet host doing a winter ski season. Over to you Cookie:

A good chalet host can get the most time on the mountain out of many jobs in the Alps, and I’ve know some great hosts who wouldn’t change it for the world. But is it for you?

Early starts, physically hard work, non-stop guest facing, lots of cleaning, ordering and budgeting for food, plus the cooking. A chalet host’s job is basically running a house for a bunch of strangers every week.

Can you cook breakfast and dinner for 10-14+ people, make cakes, serve dinner, all the while keeping the whole place spotlessly clean, being friendly with the guests and creating a great atmosphere. By the way, you have to do all this while looking like nothing could phase you!

Maybe you’ve been on a chalet holiday and the great host has made it look like it’s not work at all. It is!

I’ve seen so many people come to start seasons as hosts, not realising quite how much work is involved and how stressful it can be.

It takes time to find your flow and get into your work patterns, especially if this is your first season working as a chalet host. Northern hemisphere winters begin mid to end of December, so often your first guests arrive for Christmas and New Year – the highest paying times of the entire season.

Get through to January and you’ll hopefully be OK but, until then, hosts need to be patient – that means expect to work long hours and not expect much time on the snow.

chalet host

You’ll know when you’ve made it and you can enjoy it once you know how to make a cake without checking the recipe, clean rooms and bathrooms in minutes, can handle late nights and early mornings, all whilst consistently smiling to your guests, keeping the wine flowing and maintaining the relaxed mood! Nailed it!

This is supposed to be a true-to-life account, so I’ll be honest – some chalet hosts find it too much and walk away. But find the stride within your team (if you’re lucky enough to be working in a pair or team) and the winter can be amazing!

It’s not a glamorous job but, if you can keep all the plates spinning (excuse the pun), then chalet hosting is amazing!

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