the right seasonal job

Finding the right seasonal job that works for you

In the third part of Cookie’s guide to seeing if you’re up for holiday work, he is talking about the right seasonal job for you:

When your work is just the job!

A good start is to consider what would you like to do if you were working closer to home? What are you good, or not so good, at?

Keep those reps up!

Are you organised, outgoing, good at meeting new people, with a skill for logistics and solving problems?

Can you dissolve situations and cope with unhappy/disgruntled people, reassure them and help them make the best choices?

Then maybe a repping role would be for you. It’s a diverse role that varies massively depending on the company you work for, which town or village you are in, and which season you are covering.

A winter rep in a family ski resort cannot be closely compared to an 18-30 rep in Ibiza – although some similar skills are required, the two roles are worlds apart!

Are you hospitable?

Hospitality jobs such as bar, restaurant, kitchens, receptions and housekeeping are always popular, as many of these jobs will need little or no experience, just the right attitude to get through the interview and into the training offered.

the right seasonal job

Instructor insights

Some companies will take on multi activity instructors that are unqualified and inexperienced to join training programs where you gain the required qualifications to then begin work at multi-activity centres.

Others will require qualifications you’ve picked up prior to starting the season. All instructor jobs will require first aid qualifications – there are so many to pick from and some qualifications require specific ones. Generally speaking 16h courses that include CPR with use of a defibrillator will cover it, but it’s worth checking before booking onto the courses.

Desk work still applies

Are you an office person that is thinking of working a season to enjoy the sports/lifestyle? Why not work within the operation office-based teams?

Office-based work like logistics and finances are not often what people think of when deciding to do a season, but then we’re all different and have different skills.

Without these places being filled, the front-of-house staff would be lost.

Enthusiasm in spades?

Often taking care of children under a certain age will require a childcare qualification, but for many kids clubs a first aid qualification, an infectiously enthusiastic personality, tonnes of energy and a clean CRB check will get you into the team.

Host with the most?

Can you run a house? Cook and clean for 10-20 people? Keep track of expenses whilst juggling the evening meal and ensure you’ve ordered enough bed linen and food for the following week?

A chalet host job could be a dream job or turn into a nightmare depending on how organised and efficient you are!

Answer the questions honestly, and you could work out which is the right seasonal job for you, then you’re ready to go!

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