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A hospitality recruitment business and the Coronavirus effect

Our new guest blogger Penny Cook, of Penny Cook Recruitment, gives her insight into how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting her well-established hospitality recruitment business.

Penny has been delivering innovative, independent and personable Hospitality Recruitment Solutions with exceptional service to the industry for over 20 years.

Where to start?

Seriously who would have thought in January that by the end of March the country would be in lockdown due to Covid-19 and that the entire hospitality industry would be affected with all pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, events, leisure centres, holiday parks and contract caterers etc completely shut?

I don’t think that, despite hearing about what was happening in Europe, anyone saw measures as drastic as these coming to the UK and no-one was prepared to shut down their business with a few hours warning, but we did. Myself included, whose hospitality recruitment business stopped overnight.

What happened next

The next few days and weeks were spent in a whirlwind of cutting costs out, furloughing staff (who had even heard of the word?!) working out what could be claimed to support us – thank you Rishi Sunak for everything you have done for the industry – and going from being in shock to the reality of having no revenue, income and outstanding invoices that will not be paid any time soon.

Fighting back

Now the shock has eased and a steely determination has taken over. All my clients are putting plans in place to bounce back stronger than ever with renewed vision and vigour. And they will. With the support of loyal suppliers and customers all seeking the same goal – to re-open the industry for business.

Open for business

We remain as passionate as ever about the industry, the great people in it, the relationships we have and the knowledge that, in time, we will all recover with renew strength and vigour.

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