pay your seasonal staff

What to pay your seasonal staff

There are various regulations to be aware of if you employ staff, which have been put in place to protect both employers and employees, and here we help you work out what to pay your seasonal staff.

If you are an employer taking on seasonal staff, you will need to be aware of the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage.

Both are obligatory minimum wages per hour paid to workers – those staff who are at least school leaving age (normally 16) receive the National Minimum Wage (NMW) and those employees over 25 will get the National Living Wage (NLW).

pay your seasonal staff

Get it right

Regardless if you’re a multi-national corporation employing 1,500 seasonal staff, or a small business looking for one seasonal worker, you must still pay the correct wages.

The NMW is broken down into age brackets, so make sure you check the current rates and the age of your employees, and pay them accordingly.

The NMW rates are updated every April, so please be mindful that whatever you have stated as your current wage, it will change every April.

There are exceptions – please see full details here

Higher, higher!

Obviously, if your business can afford it, and you think your employee deserves a higher wage, you can choose to pay them more! The NMW is there to ensure there is clarity and fairness but it does not stop you paying above the NMW! It just prevents you paying under!

Don’t get caught out. For more information go to the Government’s official information.

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