out on the slopes with Cookie

No snow? No season? No problem!

At the time of writing, the world is in pandemic lockdown. We are all confined to our homes and gardens, doing our bit to keep each other and everyone else safe and well, and relieving the pressure on our emergency services, which are currently battling the deadliest outbreak of Covid-19.

Many dreams of holidays or seasonal work have been dashed, but don’t worry! If you’re keen to get back out on the slopes, our guest blogger Simon ‘Cookie’ Cook is on hand to show you that you don’t need snow, slopes, mountains or much to get training and to improve your skiing!

out on the slopes with Cookie

The time will come when we are allowed to roam free again! Read on and let Cookie’s experience and skills inspire you and you will be ready when we are let loose again!

Over to you Cookie…….

Backyard training!

Jumping like this is great for everyone – all abilities, experience and skiing goals.

Doing this on snow would be best of course, but stuck in the back garden, car park or even a living room will still work too.
Start without wearing skis to get used to the movements, but work up to doing it with skis on.

*Budding freestylers need to be able to jump 180 as the basic first trick.
*Keen free-riders wanting to explore further off piste need a quick turn in. their tool box for tough, tight couloirs or spots you haven’t got room to turn normally.
*Even beginners and intermediates just wanting to cruise some pistes can work on agility, flexibility and all round confidence on skis by playing around like in this video.
*The same training can also be done on a snowboard too!

Make sure you practice jumping both ways – everyone has a preference but learn both!

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