Hiring seasonal staff - tell them about the perks

Hiring seasonal staff – boost your attractiveness!

You have made the decision and you are looking at hiring seasonal staff – excellent decision may I say!

Now you need to advertise your vacancy to attract the best person possible and, believe it or not, the way you construct the advert may be make or break.

You want the seasonal staff member to be an asset to your business, to promote your goods and services to discerning customers, and to sell your products.

But first you have to ‘sell’ the job to them and make them want to apply.

Advertising your job is a chance to promote your company and your staff, and to encourage the right applicant. It is almost like a sales pitch to the candidates.

Jazz up your job!

Start by making your job title enticing and interesting – this is probably the first thing that job seekers see in a list of results or on the job board home page, so persuade them to click through.

Which would you find more persuasive – ‘chef’ or ‘seasonal chef needed for ski resort’?

Life-saving skills or just a toothpaste smile?

Make your job description informative and conversational.

Give clear instructions on what the job entails, especially if there are numerous roles or duties to perform. If it is a retail job that involves mostly serving customers, but occasionally means wrapping items ready for postage, explain it.

Honesty really is the best policy – if it involves spending hours on your feet on a shop floor or picking flowers in a field, say so!

Hiring seasonal staff - how to promote your job

Be clear on work schedule and expected hours/days, so the applicants know what to expect from the start, and if it will fit into their schedule of possible other commitments.

Post as much relevant information as possible – what would the applicants like or need to know?

Job seekers like to know the salary expectations. If you don’t want to publish the exact wage, ‘competitive salary’ or ‘above NMW’ will do.

If it is important that the candidates have essential qualifications or experience, tell them at this stage! If you need sports coaches with RYA Yacht Master Certificates, chefs with experience in restaurant kitchens, or childcarers with a relevant NVQ Level 3, let them know.

Alternatively, if you just want someone with a willing attitude and winning smile, shout about it!

Sifting out unsuitable candidates at the application stage will ultimately save everyone’s time and effort. You do not want to invite someone to interview only to discover they have none of the requirements you need.

Free meals did you say?

If you view your job advert as a sales pitch to relevant candidates, entice them with talk about perks and incentives that are offered, such as accommodation, meals or a friendly working team!

In all honesty, everyone wants to know what’s in it for them!

Is there an end of season bonus? A Christmas party?

Will they have time off to socialise and explore the local area? Is there a staff canteen? Friday fun nights at the local restaurant? Do you have a ‘bring a cake on Monday’ policy?

Word your advert correctly and you should receive a selection of suitable candidates that will be an asset to your business when you need them most.

A happy working life means happy staff members, striving to help make your business a success!

To ensure you are advertising fairly and without discrimination, see more details below:

So now you know how to attract the best talent for your business, let the search commence!

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