Taking steps to a successful seasonal job board

Making money from your seasonal job board!

A recent article from a software company caught my eye – ‘5 Steps to Making More Money With Your Seasonal Job Board’ (OK, I added the ‘seasonal’ bit!)

Can I just start by saying I didn’t actually launch Holiday Staff to make myself rich. But I knew it was something I wanted and needed to do, for all those thousands of businesses out there, including my own family’s, which struggle to find seasonal staff every year. (Read my personal story behind the Holiday Staff brand here)

Despite my initial intentions, I obviously need my company to make enough money to cover the bills (as does everyone), so it is an interesting read and it gave me a boost to hear that here at Holiday Staff HQ we are doing everything right!

Carve out your own niche

Holiday Staff is a niche seasonal job board, so we concentrate on our specialism of seasonal and temporary work. This, in turn, ensures that we have the right target market of job seekers, who visit our website in their search for seasonal work, not permanent positions. This means a win-win situation for everyone – our job seekers are only viewing seasonal jobs of interest, and our advertisers are getting their seasonal jobs seen by the right applicants.

On target to attract job seekers to our seasonal job board

Be more than content with your content

We like to think we publish good content! We try to provide knowledgeable and informative articles on both general and specific areas of seasonal work, and intersperse them with amusing and anecdotal personal stories and current hot topics of interest or newsworthy reports.

I’d like that seasonal job!

We strive to publish good jobs! To be honest, we think our jobs are so good, we’re always very tempted to apply for them ourselves! Our advertised jobs are genuine roles with reputable companies across so many different sectors, from hospitality and leisure, to travel and tourism. We were even recruiting for Santa’s helpers!

Represent value and service

Here at Holiday Staff we go above and beyond to offer great customer service and value for money. We don’t charge extra for social media promotion or editing job descriptions if necessary. We always check each individual job vacancy and, if we think it could do with a little tidying up, or if it needs more information, we suggest ways of enticing more applicants. This is all included in our highly competitive (some would say bargain) prices!

We are always open to feedback, as we are wanting to offer the best possible service and results to our customers, and we have already implemented some suggestions from our clients, such as the paid social media advertising option and featured job listings. We are constantly looking at ways to improve and our ‘to do’ list is bursting with ideas! We just need more time to put them in place!

On target to attract job seekers to our seasonal job board

Work it baby! Sell those seasonal jobs!

Sales and marketing – I guess that is what I’m doing right now by sharing this with you all. We work so hard in developing and promoting the Holiday Staff brand, and to find and carve out our niche among the online giants! We can only do this with the wonderful support from customers, both loyal and new, who are willing to come on board with us and help us blossom.

We are not a faceless corporation with our focus on the profit line – we are a family-run business and we genuinely want to offer the best solution to our valued customers, both advertisers and job seekers.

Now, with our joint commitment to our businesses, let’s change the title to ‘5 Steps to Making More SUCCESS With Your Seasonal Job Board – to help other businesses thrive’!

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