Recruitment News feature

Specialist job board hits the news!

Since the initial idea that I could launch a specialist job board online, I have devoted a huge amount of time and effort in getting it to where it is today.

It has taken up so much of my waking thoughts (and some of my sleeping ones too!) and I have ploughed all my energy and resources into making it a success.

But I have also learned a lot along the way. However vital and necessary a new business is and, despite it being a great idea, it is not going to be a success unless people know about it!

You can shout about it as much as you can to friends and family, and introduce new and potential customers to it through networking and sheer hard work and determination.

But what is the point of building a specialist job board, making it look beautiful and striving for it to be simple and effective to use if no-one is going to know it exists?

Game changer

However, it is a game changer when a recognised and well-respected industry publication and news service wants to shout about it for you!

We are so proud to feature in Recruitment News – it genuinely makes all the blood (maybe a slight exaggeration!), sweat (probably!) and tears (yes!) worth it!

Having the experts dedicate some of their column inches and web pixels to our cause is, honestly, a real thrill!

Thank you and here’s to moving onward and upwards! Let the hard work and sense of achievement continue!

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