Our first week as PV Newbies!

First we had ‘Alice in Wonderland’, now we have Alice in the Alps!

Positivity abounds in this tale of a winter job from Alice Beaumont, who is working a season in the Swiss Alps as a nanny with Petit Verbier.

She highlights all the wonderful things on offer to rock a seasonal job!

Enjoy this guest blog – it won’t fail to inspire you!

Our first week as PV Newbies!

There are many new things I thought I would be doing having moved to Verbier, however I never thought I would have taken up writing, so you will have to bear with me!


Theme: Smugness

The plane touches down, and peering out the window for landing I catch a glimpse of ……you’ve guessed it……SNOW! Already we know this is going to be a great winter! In the car we climb higher and higher up the mountain, with a super moon lighting the way over enormous snow capped hills, and I can safely say I think we were all grinning with smugness from ear to ear.

Petit Verbier nanny entertaining the children in the snow! A great seasonal job!

First morning approaches, and as I enter Le Bec (a great place in town for a cheeky latte!) I am greeted by a beautiful group of smiling, slightly fresh faced (definitely the uphill walk will get easier), eager ladies, all of which have the same slightly nervous laugh. We sit, make small talk, and introduce ourselves to the group, followed by an overview from our new bosses. I think this was the moment I looked round, and thought three things:

  1. I believe I might have just met 12 of the most like-minded people ever – all of whom are incredibly conscientious and welcoming. What a great team this will be to work with!
  2. These are our bosses? They are so cool! Well, this is certainly going to be a fun and exciting training week, I can’t wait to get started.
  3. I think everyone will look great in pink!

Throughout the week it has just got better and better; getting to know everyone a bit more, learning from each other (I certainly have gained a lot of knowledge from my talented colleagues), and am already having a great laugh with everyone.

Learning first aid with Petit Verbier. Seasonal work teaches you new skills

I now feel totally and utterly prepared for any eventuality – knowing how amazing the support we have is – and am ready to take on the world of nannying.

As for the office, what a view! Every morning I have to pause, and just take in where we now live for the next five months, as let’s face, it I don’t think it could get better! One week down, 19 great more weeks to come!

A Petit Verbier nanny enjoying her ski season job

So to summarise:

Life is good. And we know it. Smug is an understatement.

To be a part of this amazing team, apply for a childcare job with Petit Verbier here!


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