The summer of seasonal work – responsibility beckoned!

Here at Holiday Staff we’re all about finding the perfect seasonal staff and holiday jobs for everyone. And that’s because we’ve been there and done it.

You can’t walk the walk and talk the talk without having the personal experience to back it up.

Holiday Staff’s Founder and Director Lucy turns back the clock and relives her summer job experiences:

‘I cut my seasonal job teeth working with leather!

For one summer in sunny Devon, I found a seasonal job working in a small shop selling leather goods – everything from purses to hefty jackets. Although, when I say ‘found a job’, I actually mean my parents told me it was time I earned some money and didn’t spend all my summer holidays hitting the beach! Reality and responsibility beckoned!

So I duly trawled around my local town until I found some work, doing the ‘old-fashioned’ thing of looking for small signs in shop windows, and literally knocking on doors. How I wish Holiday Staff had been around then!

I landed the leather livelihood, and was introduced to the world of work. I was slightly thrown in at the deep end, as I was left working alone in the shop from day one. Nobody there to ask for advice or assistance. And that was probably the making of me.

The summer of seasonal work - read our story!

The summer of seasonal work!

I had to rely on myself and my instincts, and had to step up to the plate and deal with whatever the day threw at me. Tricky customers, disputes over price, making sure the alarm was activated every evening, and lifting heavy jackets down from the high display using a long hooked pole!

My confidence grew and I realised I was ready to ‘adult’. And, as it turned out, I actually really enjoyed it and genuinely looked forward to going to work each day. The role was varied – different things happened every day, and I met some lovely people who came into the shop. Some of the conversations I had with both customers and local workers were very interesting! What goes on in the shop stays in the shop!

Whether I sold a small keyring or an expensive jacket worth hundreds of pounds, it was rewarding to know I had earned my wages.

It didn’t make me a millionaire, but I came away with money I wouldn’t have had, and the skills and confidence to make something of my life. Plus some great sheepskin slippers!

There are only so many beach trips you can do every summer – get out there and experience what life and seasonal work have to offer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve.’

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