Summer job gives sea, glamour and fun!

Our guest blogger Sarah wanted to share her summer job experience with you all….

‘It was the best summer work I could have ever wanted’

‘Most youngsters want to work away from home for a summer and I was no exception. I wanted sun, sea, glamour, fun….and, yes, I chose a seasonal job in a holiday park in Skegness.

In the day I worked in the nursery as a nursery nurse, which I found easy, to be honest. And I’m still a nursery nurse, so it’s a job I love.

Holiday Staff summer jobs

In the evenings, to earn a little extra cash, I worked on the main reception – such a variety of tasks to learn and do and, back then, there was no internet so everything was hand written. But these skills gave me a platform for working life.

Holiday Staff summer jobs

I lived in the staff quarters with a girl and, all these years later, we’re still great friends – in fact we went to university together as well.

Holiday Staff seasonal jobs

My time there still makes me smile, 25 years later. It was the best summer work I could have ever wanted. Skegness was only 70 miles away from my parents, so if I needed to go home I could. Yet far enough away to learn new experiences.

The holiday park employed such a massive diverse range of people, in fact nobody seemed to be the same. We were a great team and worked hard but, most of all, every day made me smile. Plus I got to wear my red coat!!’

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