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‘It was the best thing I ever did for myself’ – how a seasonal job was the right choice

In another of our guest blog series, university student Megan Carter shares both her experiences of choosing studies or seasonal work, and tells the story of a successful and fulfilling seasonal job:

Are you stuck on what to do after leaving school? Want a break from education? Then Holiday Staff is the one for you.

For as long as I can remember, deciding what I wanted to do with my future was an ongoing battle. Education encourages you to tackle university, whilst your heart longs to nanny in Australia or enjoy a season in the Alps.

This struggle between head and heart was something that influenced my career choices, arguably for the wrong reasons. I concluded that university was the pathway for me. Despite this great opportunity to study a course that interested me, I look back three years later and wish I had spent more time reasoning my career choices.

Reminiscing on the summer before I started university reminds me of the deliberating between education or seasonal work. Whilst university is an incredible opportunity and the best years of many people’s lives, seasonal work is an extraordinary alternative for those who find themselves in similar positions to myself.

Shortly after receiving her A-Level results, South Devon student Tess found herself in this complex predicament. On one shoulder sat education, encouraging her to continue her academic studies. On the other, her passion for skiing, persuading her to employ a seasonal job surrounding this hobby.

In the end, it was her love for skiing that pushed her to take a year out of her studies and pursue a season in Val d’Isere as a chalet host.

Choosing studies or seasonal work - our guest blogger discusses her experiences

‘It was the best thing I ever did for myself,” claims Tess. ‘It helped me in more ways than one, boosting my confidence and my working abilities. Not only this, it opened my eyes to the bigger world as, before, my mindset was very narrow when it came to work opportunities after sixth form.’

Holiday Staff is perfect for those of you who have been/are currently making these difficult decisions. Its seasonal work opportunities allow you to cater your summer job searches for your individual needs. Whether it be skiing in Canada, lifeguarding in France or super-yachting on luxury boats, Holiday Staff has something for you.

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