Seasonal work is the stepping stone to success

Strong and powerful? Sweet and warm? Venti 1/2&1/2, 10 Pumps Vanilla, Extra Whip? (No, I don’t know either.)

There are many different types of coffee available and there are also many
different types of seasonal vacancies and job seeker.

Seasonal work requires different types of job seeker

Running a jobs board, it is evident that all businesses looking for seasonal staff are after differing candidates. Some have to be highly qualified in a certain sport or discipline, some need experience in the kitchen, behind the bar, or dealing with children.

Some need to be fluent in a foreign language (admittedly we don’t have many of these requests!), some have to demonstrate they have cooked delicious food for a chalet full of skiing guests, whilst others simply need to live in the right area and have a sunny disposition and a willingness to muck in!

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That is the nature of seasonal work – temporary jobs can require skills, experience and efficiency related to the work, and employers demand that their staff, even those working for a matter of weeks, display these qualifications. But seasonal work can also be a first taste of work for many people and, often, the necessary traits are purely enthusiasm, politeness, and commons sense.

After all, everyone has to start somewhere, and seasonal work is often the starting point for most – it gives a flavour of a future, a clue of career, or a waft of work.

Seasonal work success

This can lead to a rewarding season spent earning money, gaining skills and
experience, and making friends. It can also be the deciding factor on which path your career will take – you may discover hidden talents or a natural aptitude for a certain vocation. A young KP in a kitchen could turn into the next Jamie Oliver! A tennis camp ball boy could blossom into Stefan Edberg! A hotel room attendant could develop into Rocco Forte! Seasonal work really can be a stepping stone to a glittering future!

Seasonal jobs could take you to Monaco on a superyacht

Manchester, Mevagissey or Monaco – who knows where you could end up!

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