We’re going down the quality street!

Quality, not quantity. A phrase that you hear a lot, and here at Holiday Staff we are feeling rather proud of the quality of our job seekers.

We have been told many times by our advertisers how pleased they are with the standard of applications coming through from Holiday Staff.

In the last couple of weeks alone, we have received applications for our seasonal jobs from some very highly-qualified candidates – they boast first class degrees from Oxbridge, Ambassadors for the Royal Geographical Society, and qualified PADI advanced divers amongst them.

Into that mix you can add an Assistant to the CEO, qualified lifeguards, charity
volunteers, guest lecturers and tutors.

With a wealth of hospitality, retail and travel experience, plus volunteering skills and a positive outlook, they would be a credit to any potential employer.


Above and beyond formal qualifications, we have been so impressed with their
attitude and commitment. We realise that a lot of job seekers looking for seasonal roles are just starting out in the world of work, and the correct approach and
philosophy can impress just as much. Words such as ‘ambitious’, ‘can-do attitude’,  ‘self-motivated’ and ‘confident’ define their characters and demonstrate their keenness and determination to succeed.

We wish all our fabulous job seekers every success for their futures! If we could, we would love to employ them here at Holiday Staff HQ!

If your business has a need for seasonal staff, and you’d like to attract a high
calibre of applicant that would be a credit to your company, please publish your job vacancies on Holiday Staff and we’ll do our utmost to promote it to the best people out there!

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