How to bag seasonal work

Follow this practical advice from Brighter Futures – Employability Derbyshire and bag yourself a seasonal job!

We’ve all been in the situation of needing a little extra cash at times, haven’t we?

Seasonal work tends to take place during busy periods for employers – typically this is during Summer and Winter (Christmas) holidays. They are highly prominent within retail, tourism, transport and service sectors due to the influx in customer demand, resulting in the need to recruit temporary workers.


Other than immediate cash, there are a host of benefits that temporary and
seasonal work can bring to an eager candidate:

You gain additional skills and experience – this puts you in a stronger position to impress permanent employers in the future. You have evidenced a track record of reliability, willingness to pick up new skills and environments and your ability to adapt quickly.

Fills a career gap with consistent employment (CV value) – if there’s one thing that employers dislike, it is gaps in a person’s CV, especially those that can’t be
explained well enough to reassure the person committing to paying your future wage.
Flexible working – Many families take advantage of flexible working, especially around the school holidays as a way to spending more time at home with their loved ones.
Great entry level opportunities – seasonal work is usually open to all experiences, particularly the lower tier roles. This means that candidates have a greater
opportunity to gain quick access to work and build skills and experience in a unpressured environment (because it is not a permanent job).
Making friends – many of the people that partake in seasonal work have similar outlooks on life. It’s a great way to make new friends who have similar interests and values to you.

How to find work:

The host of recruitment agencies available will almost certainly offer temporary contracts with local employers. For each role you will need to register with a range of agencies, however many agencies pressure you to keep with them and not sign up for others. This for them means that you are less likely to find work elsewhere, and they will gain the commission and payment from the employer for placing you. But we’d recommend you don’t restrict your chances of work!


Another great resource is an online job boards such as Holiday Staff, which
specialises in temporary work placements. Their expertise within the area means that they are more likely to manage your expectations and experience around the vacancy and be able to offer more tailored advice.

At Brighter Futures- Employability Derbyshire, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to do a job they love, which is why, for over 10 years, we have been helping people onto the career ladder through our range of programmes supporting everyone from long-term unemployed and school leavers, through to experienced people who have been found in the unfortunate position of being made redundant or simply needing to retrain. We welcome everyone
on to our programmes regardless of their age, current circumstances or background.

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