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Five Skills Gained From Seasonal Work

by Imogen McGowan

Seasonal work is a great way to gain experience whilst earning but, not only that, it’s a fantastic opportunity to add marketable and core skills to your CV.

When looking for employment it’s essential to be able to provide examples to
verify your skills, and seasonal work will help you develop these strengths
and experiences.

Here are the five main skills you can gain from completing seasonal work.

Communication Skills

Communication is vital in any position and seasonal roles can give you
valuable experience of quickly building a strong rapport by meeting a variety of people.

Working within the hospitality or leisure industry will assist you in developing strong customer service skills through dealing with customer queries or in more difficult situations such as resolving customer complaints.

A seasonal position will exposure you to communicating with customers
and colleagues, helping you to improve both your confidence and listening skills.


Seasonal work will require a flexible approach, supporting the team during peak periods and be available to offer assistance to other teams or departments as needed.

This proficiency is easily transferrable to a range of roles. Employers want to
recruit candidates that can easily adapt and will be open to adjusting their working hours or duties as required, which are skills seasonal work can help you enhance.

Organisation and Time Management

The ability to organise and self-manage are sought-after skills that seasonal work can help you adopt.

For example, in housekeeping positions you will be showcasing the capability to organise your workload to ensure all rooms are ready for new guests and any faults or issues are raised and rectified in a timely manner.

Adding examples such as these to your CV will help verify your skills and mean you’re more likely to progress with future applications.

Quick Learner

Seasonal roles will allow you to develop a new set of skills through learning the company’s way of working in a short period of time, helping you transition into new environments as you’ll easily be able to adapt to a company’s methods and styles of working.

This is essential if you’re looking to assume further responsibilities in any future roles or progress within a career as you’ll be able to acquire competences that can advance your career and aid your development.

Ability to Work under Pressure

Season work in either the hospitality or leisure industry will give you an insight into working in fast-paced environments whilst learning to work effectively
under pressure.

These types of positions are performed during peak periods of trade, meaning you’ll gain the aptitude to remain calm under pressure and deal with unexpected situations efficiently.

Employers are always looking for problem solvers and candidates who can react quickly – by taking on seasonal work you’ll gain experiences that demonstrate this capacity to perform that you will be able to add to your CV.

Imogen McGowan is a recruiter and HR professional turned career advice blogger. She is the owner of the career advice site I’M HIRED as well as writing employment articles for a range of publications.

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