From Devon to the other side of the world!

Josh decided to leave Devon behind, and headed to the other side of the world for his gap year adventures.

‘I worked at a gin and cocktail bar in Wanaka, New Zealand, for the summer season, starting in November and finishing in April. I had never worked in a bar before, I had no knowledge of gin or cocktails and, at 18, I was the youngest employee by at least 5 years.


The first few weeks were very intense, very difficult and forced me to leave my comfort zone. However the skills and personal growth I achieved in that time I believe will stay with me for the rest of my life. Working this seasonal job was some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

The biggest attribute I took away from this job was vastly increased social confidence and the ability to make friends. Being able to spark up a friendly conversation with someone you’ve never met before is essential when working in bars, and it’s also a very useful skill in life. Through having this job I feel I now am a much more confident person and am able to tackle any social situation I find myself in.

Holiday Staff is a great place to find seasonal work such as this!’

We’re very jealous of Josh’s seasonal travels here in the Holiday Staff office! New Zealand and gin cocktails sound like a great combination!

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