Eden’s summer success

Seasonal jobs can often be the first step into the world of work and, as Eden from South Devon discovered, her holiday job helped develop essential skills for her
future studies and career path.

‘During the summer I worked as a waitress in a very busy local pub/restaurant.
As a direct result of this part-time position I developed a range of skills which have
benefited me greatly.  Possibly the most important skill was effective
communication, having to talk to people daily gave me a large amount of
confidence and my interpersonal skills improved massively.

‘I also learned how to work in a team, which was essential in order to excel at the job, and skills learned here benefited me massively when I had a university
industrial placement and often had to work in teams in a professional environment.

‘The key benefits of my job were the flexible working hours which meant I was able to have a part-time job whilst also being able to enjoy my summer and
spend time with friends. I also worked within a lovely team which made going to work enjoyable.’

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  1. Barbara on

    Inspiring! Seasonal work is a great way of trying out a career and gaining valuable experience.

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